The Gano Project


Gano will be a text editor written in the GNU Guile dialect of the Scheme programming language. It will be a console editor with a text user interfact that is based on the GNU Nano text editor.

It isn't actually meant to be *used* of course. Who in their right mind would use a console text editor in the 21st century? It is really a tech demo of sorts.

Even though this project was obsolete the day it was conceived, a lot of good has come from it. Your humble programmer, Mike Gran, was heavily involved in upgrading GNU Guile from 8-bit characters to full Unicode capability. Guile 2.0 will be fully Unicode capable.

Also, as a precursor to this project, bindings for the Ncurses text user interface libraries were made, as well as bindings for the Aspell spell checker.

Gano - the editor

The actual Gano editor is under development. There is no release yet, but, there are some files in the source code repository.

Guile-Ncurses aka GuCu -- the text user interface library

Guile-Ncurses is a text user interface library that includes functions from the GNU Ncurses's curses, form, panel, and menu libraries. The Guile-Ncurses bindings have been spun off into their own project. Historical versions appear here originally as GuCu and later as Guile-Ncurses. And now the current version has been folded into the GNU project as GNU Guile-Ncurses, and as a consequence it has moved to the GNU website.

The last version before the move to GNU was guile-ncurses-0.8.tar.gz. It is available in the download area of its Sourceforge site.

For the uninitiated, one might think that programming for GUI toolkits must be harder that coding for the terminal. You'd be wrong on that point. Ask any programmer or government agency that's tried to do it.

Guile-Aspell -- the spellcheck library

This is a spell checking library for Guile. There is not a lot of action going on here, as this project is dormant for now. But it probably still works.

The latest release is guile-aspell-0.0.tar.gz, and it is available in the download area of its Sourceforge site.


18 Oct 2010: Development of the Gano editor has resumed after a multi-year hiatus, now that the Unicode and Ncurses problems have been solved.



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